Dog Seizures CBD : Anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD products are highly effective in treating seizures and epilepsy in dogs. A clinical trial by the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation (AKCCHF) examined the effectiveness of CBD in dogs with drug-resistant epilepsy.

Further research is currently being carried out on the subject, and the following article provides information on dog seizures CBD and how CBD can help cure your pet.

Dog Seizures CBD

How Do Dog Seizures Occur?

It is estimated that 5.7% of the canine population worldwide suffers from dog epilepsy or seizure disorders. This condition affects millions of dogs worldwide and is the most common neurological condition seen in dogs.

Seizures are a symptom of canine epilepsy. Your happy-go-lucky pet may feel dizzy and confused when experiencing apoplectic episodes. Seizures may look scary, almost uncontrollable, and last for several minutes.

What are the causes of seizures in dogs?

There are three characteristics of epileptic seizures in dogs. An epileptic seizure occurs when there is abnormal and uncontrollable electrical activity in the brain. This condition can cause sudden but short-lived changes in behavior and movement in your dog.

  • Your dog may lose voluntary control of his body. You may notice jerking and shaking movements, as well as muscle twitching in your pet.
  • Seizures begin and finish quickly, and may be irregular, or they may occur without warning.
  • Repetitive patterns in seizure attacks occur among individuals with epilepsy.

The vet may not be able to immediately diagnose epilepsy if you don’t describe the symptoms properly. If your dog has at least two unprovoked epileptic seizures within 24 hours, then you may suspect epilepsy.

A heart failure episode, distress after an insect sting, or a significant balance problem can all cause symptoms that look like a seizure in dogs. Here’s some tips to help the vet diagnose your dog’s health problem.

Are Dog Seizures Dangerous?

A dog that has seizures longer than three minutes might face serious action. Uncontrollable seizures can cause your pet serious or serious brain damage. Some pets develop cluster seizures, where one seizure episode immediately leads to another. This type of seizure is very detrimental if not treated right away.

Is it Possible to Treat Seizures in Dogs?

Epilepsy is something that your pet is born with and is currently impossible to cure completely. Therapy for dogs with epilepsy aims at controlling seizure episodes. Nevertheless, antiepileptic drugs exist to manage the bouts of seizures experienced by your loving pet.

Many anti-epileptic medications are toxic to dogs, so avoid giving them these drugs. They are also ineffective since the dog’s body expels them rapidly, resulting in poor control of seizures within the dog’s body.

The first line of treatment for epilepsy is phenobarbitone or potassium bromide. This medication comes in many forms including capsules, potassium bromide syrup, and capsules.

Dog seizures, by their very nature, require CBD oil, and the market for CBD exceeded $37.4-million in the year 2020. CBD is having a tremendous impact on pets with various health conditions, including dog seizures. The best thing about CBD is the lack of serious adverse effects.

Dog Seizures CBD – Does It Help Your Pet

What Are Cannabinoids?

The cannabis plant contains hundreds of cannabinoids, and CBD and THC are just two of the most abundant ones. CBD and THC are also the most popular cannabinoids due to their effects.

Neither of these compounds has psychoactive properties capable of making a person high, while only THC does. On the other hand, CBD can have numerous potential health benefits to humans and animals and does not produce a buzz.

What Is CBD?

The chemical compound called cannabidiol is a naturally occurring chemical compound that occurs in the cannabis plant. Is imparts a feeling of calmness and relaxation to humans and animals. CBD is not psychoactive like THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Despite the cannabis plant’s non-psychoactive nature, CBD has been used to treat acute and chronic pain in humans and animals due to its anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to controlling epileptic seizures in humans and animals, including dogs.

Where Does CBD Come From?

CBD is derived from both marijuana and hemp plants. However, CBD extract from the marijuana plant has more than 0.3% THC, while CBD derived from hemp has less than 0.3% THC and may be legally used and purchased in the United States.

Extracted CBD from hemp has wide medicinal properties. The term hemp refers to any cannabis plant that has less than 0.3% THC; otherwise, it may be considered as marijuana.

In dogs, how does CBD work?

The endocannabinoid system or ECS plays an important role in modulating:

  • The brain.
  • Immune system.
  • Endocrine system.
  • And the musculoskeletal system in animals as well as humans.

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to infections and damaged tissues. When chronic inflammation occurs, it can cause many diseases and conditions, including epilepsy. The effects of chronic inflammation are partly responsible for the development of epilepsy in animals.

The ECS is usually used to promote homeostasis whenever there is an illness or inflammation in the body. Cannabinoid receptors can react to endocannabinoids or from external sources. CBD is used for treating epileptic seizures in your four-legged friend.

Dog Seizures CBD – Does It Help Your Dog?

The impact of CBD treatment on control seizures in dogs has been demonstrated through anecdotal evidence and recent research . CBD has anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant properties that help control seizures in your dog .

A dog’s Endocannabinoid System binds with cannabis products to control overactive neurons and control seizures. When thrown off balance due to illness or injury, CBD oil supplements assist with restoring homeostasis and controlling seizures.

It seems that CBD is a safe and effective natural treatment for dogs with seizures. The treatment works fast, without side effects, and with a minimum level of THC.

Dog Seizures CBD – What Is the Appropriate Dosage?

You should give your dog the recommended dosage based on the size of your pet. More large pets require higher doses than small dogs. Tell your vet or inquire from the manufacturer.Here’s a reference as well.

What Are Dog Seizures
Are There Any Downsides to CBD For Dog Seizures?

There are no known side effects for taking CBD for dog seizures. The only affliction is that some pets might have an increase in ALT (a liver enzyme). This isn’t a big issue, considering how conventional epileptic drugs affect a pet’s well-being.

Dog Seizures CBD – The Takeaway

Studies reveal CBD is an effective treatment for dog epilepsy. It helps with epileptic seizures and helps calm down the nervous system. The most important thing is to purchase high-quality CBD products with less than 0.3% THC.


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