CBD Oil Shelf Life : CBD oil also has a shelf life, a length of time for which an item remains fit for consumption. So how long will a CBD oil bottle last before it becomes unfit for use? Keep reading to learn all you need to know about its shelf life.

What Are Cannabinoids?

These compounds are present in the human body and in plants, but the highest concentrations are found in cannabis. Most people typically use synthetic, medicinal, and recreational cannabinoids.

Around 80-100 cannabinoids are present in the cannabis plant, in addition to around 300 non-cannabinoid chemicals. CBD and THC are the most prominent cannabinoids. THC is also responsible for cannabis’ intoxicating effects.

One major difference between THC and CBD is that THC possesses stronger psychoactive effects. It makes a person “high”. On the other hand, CBD is effective in minimizing the effects of THC, including anxiety.

CBD Oil Shelf Life

What Is CBD?

Cannabis sativa contains cannabidiol, a chemical that imparts a sense of relaxation. CBD, unlike THC, does not produce a feeling of intoxication. In fact, users simply feel relaxed.

Among the dozens of chemicals in marijuana, CBD is one of the chemicals with the greatest health benefits. Most CBD oil products do not contain THC, but some full spectrum tinctures do contain trace amounts.

Oils such as hemp seed oil and coconut oil are used in many CBD products. There are also CBD capsules, salves, and sublingual sprays available.

Making CBD Oil

Since marijuana plants contain too much THC and cannot be grown in most US states, hemp is the best candidate for making CBD oil. When the hemp is harvested, it will be air-dried and ground into hemp grounds.

Finally, it’s mixed with a carrier like coconut oil, MCT oil, olive oil, or hemp seed oil. Finally, each batch is bottled, and samples are then analyzed for purity and quality.

Typically, the specific techniques that the manufacturer applies to each stage of the process determines the final product’s quality and level of cannabinoids and, of course, determines the shelf life of the CBD oil.

Hemp vs Marijuana

Hemp is cannabis sativa with less than 0.3% THC. Although many people believe that marijuana and hemp are two different strains of cannabis sativa, this is not quite the case. Marijuana and hemp are identical plants with different features.

Although there are differences between hemp and marijuana in the amount of THC, the main practical difference is their legality. Marijuana is licensed in most states, but not federally. The cannabis plant is legal in most states, but nowhere else.

CBD Oil Shelf Life

The time a CBD oil product will last depends upon how much it is used. For instance, higher-quality products which are also made to industry-leading standards, will last longer than conventional products which are not made to these standards. This is also dependent on how you store your CBD oil product.

Generally, a top-quality CBD oil product from a reliable brand like Tanasi will last for about 12-14 months. This does depend on the product being stored correctly (room temperature out of direct sunlight).

As a result, you should be able to take your CBD oil product for at least a year before throwing it away. Because CBD oil comes in a tiny container, many people end up using their CBD oil products in less than a year.

When you first use a CBD oil product, be sure to note the date you opened it. That way, you will know if you haven’t used it up after 12 months have passed.

Signs of Exceeding CBD Oil Shelf Life

Before you start using CBD oil that has been in your cabinet for 12-14 months, check out the taste and smell. In some circumstances, old CBD oil can acquire an unpleasant taste or odor. If your CBD oil does not taste or smell like it should, throw it away.

It is possible for bacteria to develop in the CBD oil bottle even though it is an oil-based substance. This is because it is not a water-based substance. However, chances of bacteria forming increase if you store it in an environment that is too warm.

If a year has passed and your CBD oil product doesn’t taste or smell strange, you may be able to take it as usual. With that said, it would be wise to discard any CBD oil product that has been on the market longer than one year.

Even after the expiration date on the container, your CBD oil might still be effective. However, cannabinoids tend to degrade over time and lose their potency. This means that you cannot reap the full potential therapeutic benefits of expired CBD oil.

Extend CBD Oil Shelf Life

When it comes to CBD products, storage is a critical issue to consider. Of course, you need to ensure that your CBD oil lasts as long as possible.

Although there is no optimal way to store CBD oil, there are certain recommended ways. It is commonly agreed that CBD oil should be kept in a bottle. Furthermore, the bottle should remain upright and away from extreme temperatures, moisture, and sunlight.

Some people believe that cooling CBD oil in a refrigerator can prolong its shelf life, but that isn’t always the case. If the product is too cold, it is best if it goes under a warm tap, then shake it up to mix properly.

CBD Oil Shelf Life


Hopefully you learned that actual CBD oil shelf life is dependent on several factors. The quality of the product and how you store your CBD oil plays an important role. Take good care of your CBD oil and it should last for a year or two or more.

When it comes to testing large amounts of CBD oil, companies like Kaycha Labs can test the quality of the product and check whether it’s safe to use.


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